Zong Call Packages: Daily, Weekly and Monthly 2020-21

Zong Call Packages, Daily Zong Call Packages, Weekly Zong Call Packages, and Monthly ZONG Call Packages

zong call packages

Pakistan is a big country almost 25000000 peoples liv in Pakistan. Communication is a necessary for every one in this time. For this purpose there are 5 mobile communication companies are working in Pakistan. Thousands of calls make in single hour in Pakistan. Because it is not easy to meet everyone so people connect with calls to each others. These Mobile operators offers many call packages daily, weekly, and monthly even hourly call packages. People can easily activate any call package. Also offer mobile company Zong Call Packages to customers. You don’t need to go any other site to check zong call packages. Technical guru is always give you the facility to provide you updated call packages with code all time.
Zong Call Packages: Daily, Weekly and Monthly: 2020-2021 Update
We are sharing the complete detail of all Zong daily, weekly and monthly call packages. Please read carefully and then daily Zong Call Packages Code.

Zong Hourly Call Packages

We did not mentioned about zong hourly call packages before. Know we are sharing some updated hourly call packages.

#1 Student Offer Discount Zong Call packages Hourly.


Zong Package Package Price Details Activation Code
Zong Super STUDENT BUNDLE Rs. 5 (tax not incl) On net Zong unlimited calls + 30 MB Internet for hour Dail *5555#

Zong Call Packges

Click to open for more details https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1FQTHy3qz4

Zong Daily Call Packages For 1day/ 24 Hours Prepaid zong one day call offer

In these daily call packages zong is giving some extra offers. Prepaid Customers can easily choose any Zong daily call packages


Zong Package

 Activation Code

Package Price


Zong Daily Shandaar call package

zong shandaar daily package code is*999# Click to activate 

Rs. 12 (tax not incl)

On net Zong unlimited calls + 50 MB Internet + 800SMS for 1 Day

Zong Full Gup Shup call Packages


Rs. 5 (tax not incl)

75 on net minuts + 30MB internet + 100SMS for 1 Day

Zong Flutter Call package


Rs. 12 (Tax not Incl)

120 On net Minutes + 50 MB Internet + 120 SMS for 1 Day

Zong Non Stop Offer


Rs. 10 (Tax not Incl)

Unlimited On Net Minutes for 1Day (Except 7PM to 10PM)

Zong Hello Call Package


Rs. 12 (Tax not Incl)

150 On Net Minutes + 50MB Internet +150SMS for 1 Day

Zong Sixer Plus Call Package


Rs. 8 (Tax not Incl)

Zong Unlimited Calls + 500SMS 6AM to 6PM for one day

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For More Call details https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRJzXbqFaKw

Zong weekly Call Packages,/ Zong call packages 7 days for prepaid customers

After the zong hourly, and daily packages this company offers Zong Weekly Call Packages in Pakistan. These packages give you freedom for one week. But in Zong weekly call packages give only two choices for customers. The detail of 7 days call packages are below:


Zong Weekly Call Packages

Packages Price


Activation Code

All in one zong weekly

Rs. 200

1000 On Net Minutes + 40 Off net minutes + 1GB internet 1000 SMS for seven Days

Dial *6464# and press 4 and then press 1

or type "weekly150" and send SMS to 6464

zong shandaar weekly package code

Rs. 120

zong 500 On Net + 40 Off net Minutes + 500MB + 500SMS For 7 days

Dial *7# for Shandaar package

hello zong weekly package

Rs. 45

100Zong minutes daily for 7 days + 100SMS

For activation dial *2200*1#

weekly unlimited offer zong

Rs. 63

Unlimited zong to zong call for 7 Dayse

For activation type "PK7" and send to 522

zong haftawar load

Rs. 250

3000 On Net / 80 Off Net Minutes + 3GB internet + 3000SMS

For haftawar activation code is *70#

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7 days call pkg

Zong Monthly Call Packages/ 30 days Zong Call packges for Prepaid Customers

Once active Monthly zong call packages than it give you relax and freedom for one month. This offer is called sakoon offer/ ease offer for 30 days. In the zong call packages we prefer if you are a businessman or a busy person. Then this zong monthly call package is best for you. Zong Monthly call package is not just a monthly call package. It offers some extra incentives with call packages.


Zong Call Packages Monthly

Packages Price


Activation Code

Shandar Zong Monthly Package

Rs. 300 (tax Not Included)

1000 On Net Minutes + 1GB Internet + 1000 SMS for

30 Days

Dial *1000# for Package activation

Zong Power Pack 500 monthly package

Rs. 500 (Tax included)

1000 On Net Minutes + 2.5GB internet + 1000SMS

Dial *70# code for package activation

Zong Monthly power pack 1000 Package

Rs. 1000 (Tax Included)

2000 On Net Minutes + 5GB Internet + 1500SMS

Direct Code not available Just Dial 310 and press 4 for instructions

Zong Power Pack 1000 for 3 Months

Rs. 1500 (Tax Included)

8000 On Net Minutes + 200 zong Off Net Minutes to other networks + 8GB Internet + 3000SMS for 3 Months

 3 Months Zong package can be activate with dial 310 and press 4 and follow instructions

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Zong supreme Monthly Call Packages

Zong provides two type of supreme call packages #1 is Supreme offer and #2 is Supreme Plus offer.

Zong Supreme Call Packages

Packages Price


Activation Code

Zong Supreme Offer

Rs. 1000

5000 On Net Minutes + 300 Offnet minutes +  4000MB whatsapp + 5120 MB internet + 5000SMS for one month

Dial *6464# and press 4 and then press 2 and again press 2

Zong Supreme Plus Monthly Call package

Rs. 2000

10000 On Net Minutes + 600 Off net minutes + 10GB internet + 4000MB Whatsapp + 10000 SMS for 30Days

Dial *6464# and press 4 and then press 4 and press 2

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For Monthly call packages detail to click https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcTUOGnqHx8

Postpaid Zong Call Packages / Zong Z Call Packages

As zong offers prepaid call packages. Also offers zong postpaid packages for postpaid customers. Zong offers Z packages also know as Zong “Z” for postpaid customers that can choose one package at same time. For example zong offers 5 types of call packages
#1 Z300
#2 Z500
#3 Z900
#4 Z1500
#5 Z3000
click to open Z Packages detail and activation code
Then if you want to choose three hundred zong call package for one month then you can’t chose any other package at same time.


Zong Z Packages

Packages Price


Activation Code

Zong Z3000

Rs. 5000

ZONG TO ZONG unlimited + 1200 Off Net Minutes + 25GB Internet + 5000SMS

For z3000 activation dial is 310

Zong Z1500

Rs. 1095 (incl tax)

ZONG TO ZONG Unlimited + 1200 Off net Minuts + 25.6GB + 5000SMS for One Month
30 Days

For z1500 activation dial is 310

Zong Z900 package

Rs. 657 (inccl Tax)

Unlimited ZONG to ZONG on net + 500Offnet minuts + 4GB Internet + 2000SMS

For z900 activation dial is 310

Zong Z500 package

Rs. 365 (Incl Tax)

1500 ZONG to ZONG on net + 250 Offnet minuts + 2GB Internet + 1000SMS

For z500 activation dial is 310

Z300 Zong package

Rs. 300 (Incl Tax)

500 ZONG to ZONG on net minuts + 100 Offnet minuts + 1GB Internet + 500SMS

Dial is 310 for z300 activation

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for more zong cheap call packages https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6D33Xu_dKvg
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