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Ufone is a communication company which offers mobile services in Pakistan. Ufone is providing high competitive Mobile internet Packages in 2020. Ufone facilitate customers with Call packages and mobile internet packages in which daily internet packages, weekly internet packages and monthly internet packages

Ufone Internet Packages 2020

Ufone is the providing very affordable internet packages for customers. If you want to subscribe ufone net packages then read packages below:-

In this Table most usage and cheap ufone daily internet packages, ufone weekly internet packages and monthly internet packages available in 2020

Internet Packages 2020

Package DataPriceactivation CodeValidityExtra Offer
Mega Internet Pack 1AM to 8 AM2048 MB12*550#1 Day-
Daily Light40MB10*2256#1 Day500MB whatsapp,FB, twitter and Line
Special Day 1AM to 9PM50MB5*3461#1 Day500MB whatsapp,FB, twitter and Line
Daily Heavy Package75MB15*2258#1 Day500MB whatsapp,FB, twitter and Line
3 Day Bucket Pack100MB25*3350#3 Day500MB whatsapp,FB, twitter and Line
Weekly (light)250MB50*7811#7 Days-
Weekly Internet Plus3GB175*260#7 Days-
Monthly Light1GB 250*7807#1 Month+2GB (Social Media)
Super Internet12GB1307 Days
Monthly Heavy3GB500*803#1 Month+2GB (Social Media)
Monthly Max10GB1000*5100#1 Month+2Gb (Social Media)
Daily Social Pack100MB5*4422#1 Day
Daily Social Chat10000 SMS5*3465#1 DayUnlimited Whatsapp
Social Monthly-50*5858#1 Month (30 Days)Free Facebook, Twitter & Whatsapp
Streaming Offer500MB (Youtube and Daily Motion)8*78#1 Hour-

Users will charged in case of extra usage of Internet. Ufone offers social packages and Data packages. You can use with this package any type of internet social(youtube, twitter, whatsapp) and youtube.

Monthly ufone internet packages

monthly ufone internet packages gives the freedom to use the internet as you like. You can use all the ufone internet packages on your mobile phone, computer and laptops.