Green Cloud Computing

WHAT IS CLOUD COMPUTING? In computer language the second name of server is cloud. While computing means to manipulate and configure things. So it means...

New Li-Fi Technology

NEW Li-Fi TECHNOLOGY AFTER Wi-Fi TECHNOLOGY. This is the century of new technologies. Every year we hear about a new technology. Today we will discuss...

Smart tooth brush technology

SMART TOOTH BRUSH TECHNOLOGY. Smart tooth brush brush technology is present now. As the world is growing fast. Now it is age of technology and...

Blockchain Technology

BLOCK-CHAIN TECHNOLOGY. The world is the world of technology. Everyday a new technology and invention takes place. Another technology is introduce as Blockchain Technology. It...
best computers in the world

Best top Computers in the World

BEST TOP COMPUTERS IN THE WORLD IN 2021.   Things always categorize best or worst on the basis of quality. When things advertise in the market....
Best hosting websites

Best Hosting websites

Best hosting websites Best hosting websites. With the usage of internet customers / internet users required new data. But only some peoples are creator. Creator...
SCOM call packages

2021 scom covid relief package with activation code

SCOM COVID RELIEF Package in 2021 For AJ&K and GB peoples scom announce very attractive and cheap packages time to time. In this difficult time...
Ookla internet speedtest

How to test Internet Speed on pc

Internet Speed How to test internet speed fast? There are many ways to test internet speed but today we will show you in short time how...


Invention of Artificial intelligence

Invention of Artificial intelligence. It is era of technologies and invention. So we hear everyday about new inventions and technologies. Latest invention of artificial intelligence...

Invention of Wheel

The wheel is one of the oldest most used invention in the world. In the world is slow even very slow without a wheels....

The first five inventions of the last decade

The first five inventions of the last decade There has been a lot of progress in technology in the last few years. The world has...

Invention of Mobile phone

Best Invention ever, Invention of Mobile phone In earlier ages, people sent their messages through pigeons and horses. Afterward they used to send their messages...

First practical Blubبلب کا پہلا تجربہ

First Practical Blub پہلا عملی تاپدیپت لائٹ بلب  جہاں ایڈیسن نے کامیابی حاصل کی اور اپنا مقابلہ آگے بڑھایا. ایک عملی اور سستے لائٹ بلب blub...

Smart pendant turns your random thoughts into text

Invention of Smart pendant. In science field every second day we hear about an invention which makes our life easier. There is another invention that...
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