Jurassic World Evolution receives six new species of Dinosaurs

Frontier Developments has announced the arrival of up to six new dinosaurs to its Jurassic World Evolution management and strategy video game, launched on June 12 through digital distribution and that will arrive on July 6 in physical format. The update, completely free, adds some of the main characters of Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom (2018, Juan Antonio Bayona) to the game. This patch incorporates three carnivores, two herbivores and a new hybrid. They are Allosaurus, Baryonyx, and Carnotaurus in the case of the theropods and the Stygimoloch and the Sinoceratops in the case of herbivorous animals. But perhaps the most interesting addition to this free package is the Indoraptor, a new type of creature and the protagonist of the new film sequel. It is a unique creature with the intelligence of the velociraptor and the characteristics of the Indominus Rex , the villain of the first Jurassic World (2015, Colin Trevorrow)
Jurassic World Evolution is a game of management and strategy that invites us to open our Jurassic park and manage it , adding enclosures with prehistoric species brought back to life thanks to genetic engineering and offering the best possible facilities in Isla Nublar and its nearby archipelagos.   " Jurassic World Evolution is a game of strategy and management with a lot of potential and great values ​​of production that has been too limited in the playable , it fully succeeds in turning dinosaurs into the big stars of the show, but it fails at the same time to make the construction, management and problem solving of our park really fun, preventing it from going any further, " we commented in our analysis .

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