Invention of Mobile phone

Best Invention ever, Invention of Mobile phone

In earlier ages, people sent their messages through pigeons and horses. Afterward they used to send their messages through a Telephones.. Telephones were not in every home. As time passes people got mature and they started seeking about the usage of technology. After that technology enhance its role in our life. Different inventions make our life easier, like invention of computer, TV, smart pen, bulb etc. To get rid of the difficulties of communication scientists invent mobile phones. Now a days, we are using mobile phones. Every single man has its own phone. As invention of mobile phone makes communication easier.

Invention of mobile phone

Every success has a team on its back and a leader on its head. Martin Cooper is leader and Donald Cox, W Rae Young, Eric Tigerstedt were team members. Martin Cooper invented mobile phone in 1973.

Finally, First Mobile was developed by Motorola company. Weight of this mobile was measured in kilograms. Afterwards With different accessories its weight and quality was changed.


In 1983 Motorola released first commercial phone named Motorola DynaTac 8000x. Its talk time was 30 minutes. Price of this mobile phone was $4000. Motorola DynaTac 8000x is  heavy mobile phone. Although these phones were new but best for communication. In fact this was best step to new world of phones like iphones and smartphones etc.

After this Motorola company have invented new phones with the time passage. Nokia phones invented NOKIA 3310, NOKIA 1112, etc. Through these phones we could not use internet as these phones were not much facilitating.. After that first invention of mobile phone opens the door for new discoveries. Which we are using today. For example galaxy, smart phones iphones and tablets etc.

Mobile phones work on radio waves like analog and digital signals. Likewise, first Generation mobile phones use analogue signals. GSM means Group Special Mobiles. It is standard for mobile communication system. In addition, technology is moving on day by day. Now 3G, 4G, 5G are introducing across the world.

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