Filtration: Diablo III will arrive this year to Nintendo Switch

Filtration: Diablo III will arrive this year to Nintendo Switch

The prestigious newspaper Forbes has leaked the announcement of Diablo III for Nintendo Switch, in an information that apparently should have been published tomorrow, and that they have already withdrawn.

This version of the successful Blizzard game will be titled Diablo III Eternal Collection and will include the original game, the Reaper of Soul expansion, the Rise of the Necromancer content and all the updates the game has received so far.

In addition, it will have exclusive content, since we will be able to obtain a series of pieces of armour to acquire the aspect of Ganondorf, the great villain of the saga The Legend of Zelda.

Like the rest of the console versions, it will offer a local cooperative mode for four players, either from a single switch or from several consoles connected locally, as well as cooperative through the internet.

It will have a price of 59.99 euros and will be launched at the end of the year.

The first rumours of the arrival of Diablo III to Switch occurred in February, curiously also with the rumour of Fortnite in Switch, which was launched last June.

A few weeks later Blizzard's curious tweet fueled speculation, although no new news had been produced since then. A few days ago Blizzard admitted to being work on several projects in the Diablo saga, so this version for Switch would be one of them. Next week at Gamescom it is possible for Blizzard to make new announcements.


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