Dark Horse shows a comic book preview of God of War

Dark Horse shows a comic book preview of God of War

The publisher Dark Horse has announced that it will adapt the video game of Santa Monica and Sony God of War to the world of comics. It will do so in a limited four-issue miniseries, the first part of which will be published on November 14. It is a prequel to the events of the recent God of War on PlayStation 4 and will feature some of the best writers and cartoonists of the moment. He has shown his first art.

The bow will be written by Chris Roberson, head of iZombie and Witchfinder, accompanied by cartoonist Tony Parker. In the tasks of colour will be Dan Jackson - who played the same role in the comic of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The first art supplied by the publisher, which accompanies this news, is the work of EM Gist, known for his work in the adaptations of The Strain and Will Save the Galaxy for Food.

Dark Horse shows a comic book preview of God of War

The God of War series will tell us the story of Kratos in the Nordic lands, after defeating the gods of Olympus. Trying to go unnoticed, he will run into a strange berserker cult after trying to save a mysterious stranger from being eaten by a dangerous bear. The plot of this small series of comics will be developed as a prequel to the story of the recent video game released in the desktop of Sony.

The first issue of four will be published next November 14.

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