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USD to Pkr is a big search in Pakistan. Mostly google provide best results about it. But we are trying to give you the best information of your search. Dollar to pkr conversion rates. Daily dollar rate and dollar today’s rate are online.


What is rate USD to PKR Today?

Daily performance of USD to PKR shows increase and decrease in value and Pakistani Rupee PKR. Highest conversion exchange rate of USD to PKR was Rs. 161.95 and lowest Rs 160.6 conversion.
Monthly up and downs during the last 30 days available in USD to PKR rate list.
The dollar rate or US dollar is not always important in Pakistan also important in other Countries. The US dollar Considers important currency worldwide and trade in all over the world. It is the Basic currency of the United States of America and is mostly using in trade worldwide. The impact of the USD dollar is also fluctuated in Pakistan as the PKR rates from the USD dollar. The US dollar is use currency in trade for international money transactions.
Question1. Rate of US dollar today in Pakistan?
usd rate in Pakistan is =

Question2. How much is 1 USD to PKR today?

1 USD conversion rate is Rs. 162 Pakistani rupees today. But, the usd rate is fluctuating on time basis. Due to this reason that it is difficult for investors to remain updated with the USD to PKR today rate.
Question3. How to calculate United States us dollar to pkr exchange rate?
A. There are many methods to calculate the vale of usd to pkr exchange rate. Even, the simple one is that first way is just check the rate 1 US Dollar in Pakistan. Secondly multiply the usd dollar rate by the amount in currency.
Example, One 1 US Dollar is equal to 162 Pakistani Rupees then tow usd will be equivalent to324 pkr.

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