Become computer Master with simple Shortcut keys

We use computer in daily life and face the different difficulties. when we work on our computer we want to work fast but due to not aware about the computer shortcut keys we do work slow. If you work in office your work slow even you have good skills but not about simple computer shortcut keys. Simple Computer shortcut keys will give you a good skills to work fast and easy and better then the others.

Today we will know that how to become computer master. If you want to become computer master then you should know the simple computer shortcut keys:

The simple shortcut keys are mentioned bellow

  1. Ctrl + Del (Delete Selected Item)
  2. Ctrl + End (Go the the last line of Current page)
  3. ctrl + s (save file)
  4. Alt+F (File Menu option)
  5. Ctrl + C (copy selected content)
  6. Ctrl + z (Undo)
  7. Alt+E (Edits Option in current program)
  8. F1 (Help)
  9. Ctrl+ Home (Use to go to the Start of page)
  10. Ctrl+A (Select all Text/ Decs)
  11. Ctrl+X (cut selected content)
  12. Ctrl + Esc (Open Start Menu)
  13. Alt + F4 (For close the current File)/ Shutdown you PC
  14. Ctrl + G (Find and replace)
  15. Ctrl + h (Find and replace)
  16. Alt + Print Screen (make screenshot)
  17. Ctrl + k (insert link)
  18. Ctrl + y (Redo you last work)
  19. F12 (Save Documents)
  20. Ctrl + l (Direct Jump to address bar)
  21. Ctrl + O (Open file)
  22. F7 (check spell)
  23. Ctrl + Backspace (Delete left side word)
  24. Ctrl + Backspace (Delete left side word)
  25. F5 (bring Search Box)
  26. Ctrl + Left arrow (move one word to left)
  27. Ctrl + Space (Reset highlighted text)

These simple computer shortcut keys can make your work easy with your keyboard. your keyboard is very powerful tool to fast your work with enjoyment. In all of the keys most use in work are ctrl + A, Ctrl + C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl + X and Ctrl + z.

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