Jazz internet packages 3G, 4G

Internet packages 3G, 4G

Jazz internet packages 4g and 3g. The internet is the most important part of our life in this time. There are many companies providing Internet facility in pakistan, most of the companies are providing this service through wireless. 3G, 4G is also a wireless service. we use the internet for Emails, social networks games, searching and videos. We need to internet for this purpose for this we use different companies internet packages. These packages can be different like one company packages different from other companies packages. 3G and 4G services are available in most area of paskistan. Mobile companies offer daily, weekly, monthly and hourly internet packages. These packages are for those users who like to be connected with their family and friends with social networks.

internet packages Jazz

Jazz 3G, 4G internet packages are available for jazz subscribers. Best packages are jazz daily internet packages, jazz weekly internet packages and jazz monthly internet packages mentioned bellow:-

Package NamePrice (Rs)DataActivation Code
(Peak-Off-Peak) Daily internet Bundle24For 24hrs 100MB/ for (2AM to 2PM) 1100MB*117*4#
Daily Browser11.9550MB (24hrs valid till midnight 12PM) *117*11#
Sindh Offer12250MB internet + 1500SMS + unlimited on-net minutes (till midnight) *522#
Daily Karachi hybrid LBC12250MB internet + 250SMS + unlimited jazz and warid calls (till midnight) *400#

3 Days Jazz net package 4g, 3g

3 Days jazz internet packages 4g and 3g mentioned bellow:-

Package NamePrice (Rs)DataActivation Code
Extreme 3 Day internet package17.9500MB (valid 2AM to 2PM)*114*14#
3 Day Browser Jazz internet package25100MB (3 Day)*117*1#

jazz weekly internet package 3G/ 4G

Jazz gives many offers for those customers who like the weekly internet packages. jazz weekly internet packages mentioned below:-

PackagePrice (Rs)Data/ DurationActivation Code
Jazz weekly streamer951GB for 7 Days*117*7#
Jazz Weekly Premium1403GB for 7 Days*117*47#
Jazz Weekly Mega2007GB for 7 Days*159#
Jazz weekly Mega super duper2505000MB + 2500 on-net minutes and 50 othernetworks +2500 SMS for 7 Days*505#
Jazz Weekly Bundle - One off1525MB for whatsapp and 1500 SMS for 7 Days*101*1*07#
All rounder Haftawar Offer113250MB + 1000 on-Net minusts + 50 offnet, + 1000SMS for 7 Days*747#
Weekly Social package508GB for whatsapp + fb and IMO (4GB from 2AM-2PM) for 7 Days*660#

jazz monthly internet packages 2020

Are you looking for the jazz monthly packages in 2020 check the packages mentioned bellow

PackagePrice (Rs)Data/ DurationActivation code
Jazz monthly Browser Package2154GB (2GB 2AM to 2PM) for 30 Days*117*77#
jazz monthly package Mega3758 GB (4GB 2AM to 2PM) for 30 Days*117*31#
Jazz monthly supreme package88520GB (10GB 2AM - 2PM) 30 Days*117*32#
Jazz monthly Extreme Package1205000MB (2AM to 2PM) for 30 Days*117*34#

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