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Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire


I’ve got nothing against the game itself. However, you’ve gone overboard with the ads. Since I’m a lifelong fan of the Age Of Empires franchise, I CAN’T accept you just straight up RIPPING OFF of those games! Some of your ads use graphics that are almost identical to AoE2’s design, with altered AoE3 music playing in the background – ridiculous! You’re hooking people up on a successful game made by someone else and make money off of it! Take the ads down before you get yourself into BIG trouble. Not even close to Age of Empires 2 despite being advertised as such. The developers have a history of stealing images from other PC games (For Honor and now AOE2). No AOE2 experience was “recreated”; this is a pay to win waiting simulator, not a true RTS. Don’t support these developers. I suggest flagging the game. Appreciate if you mark this as helpful so more people can see this review.Horrible game with horrible ads. Clearly just trying to rip off another game we all know. The ads they run for this game are cringe inducing. The most overplayed royalty free music and trying to take credit for the game they ripped off and get people to think its the same thing. I downloaded this game just to see it because I see ads for it every 5 seconds. Horrible.


I downloaded this game only to give it a 1 star. The funny thing is, it looks well done. Decent graphics, voice acting. But their advertising strategy is absolutely pathetic and gross. They play Age of Empires footage like it’s the game. And a recent ad I saw literally shows AoE footage, talks about how successful AoE was “two dozen years ago”, and suggests this game is a direct successor or something. This game should be shut down and the creators fined into bankruptcy.When your blatantly steal the look and sound of another game that is wrong. When you don’t admit that you are staying from a successful game to try and boost your game that is wrong. Your poor excuse of a game will never be AOE and you know it. Try doing something original and maybe you won’t feel the wrath of every gamer that grew up playing good games. Companies like you that are in it to make money make me sick. Do all of us a favor and change your ads to show the real game not the delusion.Facing immense problems with storage. in 3 hours 3 gb increase in memory of my phone. currently occupies 28gb. every time reinstalling need to start with new game. can this issue of storage be solved? this was not happening a month back. it has something to do with new updates surely. not even pc games take this much space. Kindly help. Originally I rated it 5 start. Very good game, very social. BUT, after 4 months playing this game, I was wrongly blocked by the game system. Now my account has been frozen, and the in-game customer support takes days if not weeks to respond. Please unblock it, and start taking seriously customer support, you will lose many players because of this bad service. REVIEW OVERVIEW User Reviews SUMMARY When You Read above article, so then leave your review choosing the stars?


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