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Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars Game Review

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Kingdom Wars Game Review


It’s a great game but way too pay-to-play. The disparity between the top spenders and free players is just too great, even if they have the money it doesn’t need to come so easy for them most heavy P2P don’t even have any strategy, they just keep pumping money into their accounts. A failed strategy game where your power lies in your pocket and not your ability to strategize. You should work on quality of life updates and not research that require tomes. Make the game more enjoyable for F2P.
I love the game, there is so much to do everyday. Guild gifts can help you grow faster and help you become stronger specially. when you earn gems and materials for upgrades. It makes myself busy, but yesterday I lost my account when I formatted my device. I forgot to linked it, I was playing using guest account, now im struggling how to retrieve it, please help me.
Well design with good graphic. Well lately I always got logged out (everytime I clear my phone cache)but I didn’t lose my acc. I just need to complete the tutorial and back to my acc. For first time it happen I’m okay with it. But after several time it become so annoying and wasting time. Also I’m a F2P player and I find it not really hard to improve my base. But it consume a lot of time.I’m on Vip8 with castle lvl11 and people in my kingdom already Max castle lvl which make me their target. But its ok


The video ads and picture ads make this game look way more exciting that it actually is. That being said I absolutely love this game. It is a definite must for you to find a good, friendly and active guild. Without one you’ll go nowhere fast. Yes this game does tend to be very p2p but its not necessary f2p players can definitely climb up the ladder and be very strong players. There are youtubers and bloggers all over the internet to help you learn. It’s an addictive game for sure.
This game is addictive and can be a burden on your wallet. Been a loyal fan of this game since 2017 and most definitely thrilled with the updates over the years, adding a little more complexity to the game. The new “Auto Use” feature is great. However it could use a little tweaking, like being able to adjust how many rss to use, like in your other game “Mobile Royale” where you can minus some items. Since the implementation of Auto Use feature I’ve wasted a lot of food packs.


This game used to be amazing but now it’s focused on how much you spend. You can’t grow fast when you have to wait days for an upgrade. I hope the developers listen to us and reduce the wait time or make the queue better Edit 2: High level players attack low level players who have no chance of winning. In other games this is fixed by only letting you attack people at your level. I hope it gets fixed because i can’t make progress with level 25’s attacking me the moment my shield goes off.


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