luna crash
luna was crash

Crypto Market Update

Crypto currency is fast leading currency now 600+ coins are launched in crypto market. Peoples buy and sell the shares of crypto currency in seconds. Billions of dollars every day trade in crypto some with loss and some with Gain. Last week totally market in these days most of the coins are not stable. Even a Coin LUNA fall 100% down from $108 to $0.0000127 in a week. Investors are very angry and worried about this Luna coin. LUNA is a big crash in all the time and peoples become millionaires to Bankrupt due to Luna coin. All the news are coming from world the 3rd largest stable coin how can go 98% down in a day.

How to Do day trade in cryptocurrency

Its time to invest but carefully because anytime market can crash. Alote of trades invest money for long term and investment. Some investors trade daily basis like gamer its called day trade. Day trade is very easy but need time and long term trading required long time to earn and gain. In day trade if we invest $100 in upgoing coin like ANC coin and set on auto sale +5% and wait. Everyday coins go up and down when ANC price up to 5% and coin will sale automatic and you will gain $5 in a day. With this system you can earn money with auto buy and auto sale. Some coin go up 100% in a day and some goes to 1000% up in 24hrs that can change your life.

But we know about the losses every day coin goes up and down sometime peoples lose life saving money in cryptocurrency as in past days Luna crash to 100% in 24hrs and people get loss.



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