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How to chicken dinner in PUBG

Pubg Chicken dinner

Games are played for a long time and change with time. But some games are very famous in little time. Today we are talking about games that are very famous in a short time.


Pubg is a battle game with 100 real players. Total 25 teams maximum in pubg at a time and four members at a time. 25 teams fight with each other’s and finally one team win this match and that gains a chicken dinner. Download pubg from play store for android.

How to become a good gammer in pubg and achieve chicken dinner

Mostly what happened when team jumps from aroplain they jump as they wish some team memer jump early and some in middle and some are late to jump. With this total team goes saperate. If team jump togather than support power will be high. In case of anemy when enemy try to kill someone then the other team mate try to kill enemy and finally enemy run or killed. With team support we can win chicken dinner easily. But how to be a team.

  1. You just try to play with one team.
  2. Mic and speakers on for team and make converstion counituesly.
  3. Ask if anything need in game (Scope, med kit, gun etc).
  4. Mark enemy location befor you kill enemy.
  5. Share things that you find.

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