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With Simple skills Earn money online

Earn money online

The online earning start is not easy but when you work continually for at least 6 months you earn some small amount. In the beginning, peoples give up in 2 to 3 months and don’t struggle. But one thing that keeps in your mind when you want to start online earning is “Online earning takes time to start”. If it starts and you work honestly and hardworking you will be a success. The question is how to start this and which ways to make money with the internet. Some platforms don’t need to invest money and start work but some are not free.

Free internet business

Peoples around the world are hungry for new content and explore new things every day that are called consumers. And the other hand people who create content are called “Content Creators”. Four types of content are very consumable.

  1. Video
  2. Audio
  3. Images
  4. Written

You just choose which type of content can you create easy with passion. We suggest you if you like to create new videos then Youtube is the best place where you can upload videos and earn a good amount.

What is youtube and how to earn money from youtube?

Youtube is an online video website where you can search all types of videos and watch them. But if you are a creator then you just make a channel on youtube and upload videos for the public. When peoples watch your videos you will earn. This is free and starts online earning without investment.

2. Blogging

The blogging field is interesting you don’t need to go anywhere for creating a video. Just open your laptop and type about the things around you. Top blogging field is News.

A lot of Categories in Blogging.






Daily Updates


Mobile Phone


Just choose a nich and start blogging.

How to start blogging free.

Blogging start is very easy you need for this only a gmail account. Google own a platform https://www.blogger.com/ and allow peoples to create content every type of content like video, Audio, Pics and written. But the question is how to earn with blogging. After publishing good content as per google content policy you just apply for google adsense approval after approval adsense ads will appear on your blog and starts online earning. You can create content on mobile computer laptop from anywhere just need a internet connection. Even you will earn while you sleep.

Above mentioned without investment earning ways.


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