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Vehicle Mechanic Turn a Rikshaw into 4×4 Jeep at Home in Pakistan

Rikshaw to 4x4 Jeep

Do you think a rikshaw can convert into a beautiful 4×4 jeep. Shahzad from kasur city (Pakistan) a Car AC and electrition workshop owner. In coronavirus lockdown in Pakistan Shahzad made a Jeep at home with a rikshaw at home. He toled in an interview “one day i was searching on youtube and watch a video about making a car at home. This video is the basic thing to make a jeep at home.

Rikshaw simple
Rikshaw to jeep-min

All the facilities are available in this mini jeep. This jeep is safe than bike and rikshaw. This man is an Engineer without an engineering degree. Peoples need to do practical work in life rather than just focus on the study (reading writing). Mr. Shahzad offers to all that anyone can order for the jeep. Even the offers just send a picture of the vehicle model and he will turn a Rikshaw into as your desired Car, Jeep.

This news is very proud for Pakistan and shows there is no lack of talent in this country.

Rikshaw to jeep 4x4
4×4 jeep

This is a wonderful technology combination for cheap vehicles, cheap cars in Pakistan.

Functions in Rikshaw Jeep 4×4

Complete Car functions in this jeep.

  • 4×4 tires are Tubeless
  • Disk brake in all wheels
  • Toolbox
  • 4gears forward
  • Back gear
  • 1 mini LCD for video watching for log drive (Easily connect with USB/Memory Card and Mobile).
  • 25km average on one litter. Tested drive 200km to 250km easily in one drive without rest.
  • 4 Persons can easily sit in this 4×4 jeep.

Specially designed for children.

How Much Cost to make a 4×4 Jeep at home

Rs 350000, to 375000 only Cost of Rikshaw to 4×4 Mini Jeep. Made in Pakistan 4×4 Jeep.

Watch Video of Rikshaw to Jeep


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