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How to become Google Partner

Google Partner

Google is a world largest search engine. But the name “Google” is not just a SE(Search Engine). There are many brands and big companies that owns by google. Google Play Store is in one of them. We can join google team from home and earn. But how it can be possible to become a google partner and do some work for google from home.

How to become google partner

Google gives relaxation of the work. You don’t need a high level diploma to do work with google. If you are master in any field and want to start work with zero investment then you can start writing blog about your field. In this you write expertise as much you know about your field.


If you are a car mechanic and know well about cars. Then you can write about cars specifications and how to repair in case of fault nature of faults and tracing of faults. With this you share your knowledge and help to peoples.

For starting this you can make a blog on and start making posts. After posting some articles just apply for google adsense account and you earn after showing ads by google on your blog.

Creating website and become google partner

website is just like blogger. But website gives you more flaxability to create content and make stylish and add functionality. In this term you write articles as in blogger and apply for google adsense account.

Create Play store app

If you are developer and can make applications/ games then this is good way to make money with google. There are more than 3.48 million apps available on google play store. This is a one time investment and become long time google partner. If your app useful as need of peoples and make easy work in daily life then you can earn good amount. For this purpose google offer you a platform admob.

if you want to calculate how much money can earn from google then you can use a very easy Google adsense earning calculator.

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