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Which is the top bitcoin mining country?


Bitcoin is a digital currency without any central bank or an administrator. People can send bitcoin from one user to another user. This record save in a computer file that is called Block-chain. The Question is why we need bitcoin? And why it is invented? People wanted to send money and earn money on internet. That’s why the invention of bitcoin came into being. In this digital age, everyone knows about bitcoin mining. In fact in the whole world, this business is running. A bitcoin is enough costly. So today we will talk about what is the top bitcoin mining country?


Bitcoin mining is the process to create money by yourself to solve a computer puzzle. It is not easy to earn but when you earn. You earn a lot of benefit from it. Within 10 minutes, a bitcoin can generate. It uses huge amount of electricity to generate a coin. Because it needs heavy computer calculation. 144 blocks can mined in a day, and 6.25 bitcoins are mine in a block.  If the bitcoin’s cost exceeds, it is profitable for a miner. But if it is less it might be a loss for a miner. Now the Bitcoin’s cost is 4,778,343.55 Rupees in Pakistan and $29,839.41. That is the highest amount. Moreover People who have earned bitcoin are now consider the successful people.

In 2021, China is the top most bitcoin mining country. It earns more bitcoins in 2021. Kazakhstan was the third top bitcoin mining country.

In June 2021, Chinese Authorities took an action against the bitcoin. Because they thought the bitcoin prices are tumble.

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