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Smart tooth brush technology


Smart tooth brush brush technology is present now. As the world is growing fast. Now it is age of technology and inventions. New technologies introduce on daily basis. Everyday we see or we hear about a new one. But today we will talk about an amazing technology which is a need also.

smart toooth brush technology

There are intelligent toothbrushes that uses sensor in it. That can keep an eye on your brushing routine. Sensor knows which quadrant of your mouth you are brushing. It notices either you brush nicely or not. It also notices whether you floss good or not. Which angle you hold the brush, how any times you brush, how many times you floss. How much pressure you apply. Then send data to your dentist and dentist does not need to ask about your dental health. An application also uses with it. That monitors the sensor and notices and save all the data about it. Application guides you about all these above points.

These smart brushes do not damage your health. But most of the people who use it very hardly can hurt. Hard brush causes to damage the gums, as these brushes are hard. So use it in normal way according to guide line.

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