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Undoubtedly ISRAELI spywares are world’s famous. Because they hack smartphones quickly. Every type of mobile phones they can hack. In fact government officials, journalists data and so on. Amnesty International Institute of human rights and French  Media group Forbidden stories accessed 50,000 numbers for hacking trials. One number once used by PM Imran khan. After investigation the news reveal that number target by a Israeli Spyware Pegasus.

Some Indian leaders were also target by this spyware, including government ministers, journalists and scientists as well. Not this only, But 50,000 customers are being target by the spyware, one of them is PM Imran khan.

According to investigation, it is report that The Israeli spyware is being misused by its clients internationally. And 15,000 people of Maxico are in the target list. They are journalists, politicians and Union representatives. More than 50 countries people are in the list.

Pegasus is the reported a highly invasive tool that attacks on the microphone and camera on the target phone. It can record the voice and activity that is going on. It is a dangerous spyware. This is use to harass or to blackmail the people. Whoever did this want data of each country.

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