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New Li-Fi Technology


This is the century of new technologies. Every year we hear about a new technology. Today we will discuss about a new Li-Fi technology. It is a technology that solves the challenges faced by 5G. As 5G technology also introduced in different countries so a biggest network also require to handle it. That is why it has introduced. It was introduced in 2011 but not popular just yet. As wi-fi transmits data through radio frequency. And release harmful waves which can pass through the wall. So it can also pass through the human bodies and can destroy the tissues. To avoid these problems a new tech  has introduces. Li-Fi Uses light waves to transmits date. Light waves can not pass through a wall so it can not easily hacked. Having most of the benefits it is not famous. Because it has some drawbacks by using light waves.

new li fi technology


  • It is advanced technology so it has many other qualities in it. The technology is more reliable than wi-fi.
  • It is more secure than radio technology.
  • This is fast technology. Because it transmits data in gigabits speed.
  • A great benefit of this technology is that its less harmful to humans. Because it transmits data through light spectrum. And free from harmful radio frequency radiations.
  • Similarly Li-Fi uses because Wi-Fi consider hazard.

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