Invention of Artificial intelligence

Invention of Artificial intelligence.

It is era of technologies and invention. So we hear everyday about new inventions and technologies. Latest invention of artificial intelligence may not be a new phenomenon. But it has never failed to inform us over time. It is one of the most important technological invention. Artificial intelligence is the umbrella term for most industries. It is hugely important in commerce. It is an important application which uses to make other technologies. Face detection and recognition system is an example of AI. This application used in mobile phones to lock the phone by face. 

invention of artificial intelligence

Machine learning system is the most important development. It learns machine how to work by coding. Industries are growing fastly through this. It is used in adopting robotics, autonomous vehicles, security, and surveillance systems.

Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence where machine works as natural intelligence. It is now used in robot technology. As robots work like human beings. Because it is an application where machines learn and act like human minds. It is not natural but looks like natural. 

There are a lot of features of AI. For example facial recognition and data ingestion. Basic objective of AI is to enable computers to understand and perform decision making.

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