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What happen if Honey bees disappear from the World?


Albert Einstein said about the honey bees an interesting fact. If they Honey bees disappear from the earth. Man can not live more than 4 years. Now the Question is WHY? What is the reason behind it? While man stores the food for life. He can earn. He can make money We can cultivate while we can do everything. So why we need bees to live.

honey bees
                Main source of pollination.

An interesting fact revealed that we need the bees to live because, these are reason to pollinate. Bees pollinate (transfer the seeds of male plant to female plant to fertilizing the plants. That’s why fruits and vegetables produce). If the disappear from the world so the fertilizing process will stop. As there are many artificial things to fertilize the plants. But we will lost the natural one.

Now we do not use artificial things to produce fruits and vegetables. Because the fertilizing of the plants done by the bees. Which is very important. We even do not know about the process as we forget the plant after plantation of the seed. But after sometime we see the fruits and vegetables on that plant. So the reason is honey bee. 

We can also live with artificial plantation but not more than few years. So honey bees are most important thing for our life.

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