Green Cloud Computing


In computer language the second name of server is cloud. While computing means to manipulate and configure things. So it means a server that configure and manipulate applications is Cloud computing. What is Green Cloud computing?

Cloud computing market is growing with the 22.8%. Because people use server base applications now. It is use to store and retrieve date of any organization on demand.

Green Cloud Computing:

Information Technology is a vast topic that never ends. Even we speak all the day about it. Although it is vast but we will try to conclude a topic.

green cloud computing

It is an efficient use of resources in computing. Its second name is GREEN IT. Green cloud is actually the study of designing and manufacturing using computers and servers. It is an updated version of cloud computing. Goal of GCC is not only to efficient use of servers but to save energy also. Main goal of this IT (green) is to minimize the negative impacts of Information Technology (IT).

Green It is another way to spread positivity ecologically. By spreading knowledge and easiness in the field of IT. Moreover It is environmentally friendly technology.

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