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Gamers learn about nature.


As it is time of technology and inventions. Everyone knows about the technology and new things. it is scientific era. People also seeks about different things. Video games are here to entertain children. Some of the young people play video games as well. But a research appear that Gamers learn about the nature through action games.

gamers learn about nature.

We think, how they can learn about the nature? Because they see different things like animals, plants and their actions also. So they learn more than a normal person. In the action games new technologies use. We often do not know about a animal name or a plant name or a technology. But gamer knows about it.

As the playing game is interesting thing and entertaining as well. So what they see they remember for a long time. Most of the games build on the wildlife to make them interesting for gamers. Researchers of University of Exeter and Truro challenged more of the 500 gamers to identify the animals from different games. And they showed the results that gamers gave them better response about the identification of animals. Gamers learn because they observe more about wildlife by gaming.

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