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Former President of Pakistan Died


Former President of Pakistan Mamnoon Hussain died on Wednesday. His son Arslan Mamnoon confirmed he was 80 in age. He was suffering from Cancer disease.

He was under treatment from 2 weeks in Karachi, But couldn’t recover. Mamnoon Hussain was a true Pakistani. As he served country for 5 years as a President. He was not just a president but an older PML_N leader also.

President Mamnoon Hussain was born on 23rd December 1940 in Agra, India. He was 12th president of Pakistan. Mamnoon Hussain was not just a politician but a businessman also. Because he earned the degree of MBA. He was a gorgeous personality among all.

Nation feels a deep grief on his death. All hearts are fill with deep sorrows.

All politicians of Pakistan either they are Of PML_N or another parties feel sad.

former president of pakistan

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