Cyber Crime and Social Media in the world.


Today we will talk about cyber crime and social media. What is social media and its impacts? And what is reason of social media cyber crime?

Cyber crime and social media

Social media is a technology that allows people to share and exchange ideas. It is using whole world now. People use a lot of time on social media. They share and exchange their ideas. Some applications allow chatting also. For example Facebook, twitter, Viber, WhatsApp and Instagram etc. Now every second person is using tablets, i phones and smart phones. So they can use these applications easily. In fact WhatsApp and Facebook are 2 most using Social media apps. Person of every age like children, youngsters and decrepit are using these apps.

A True saying is that “Nothing is good or bad only thinking make it so”.

It is true saying because some people use things in a good way and those are useful. but some people use things in a bad way that’s why those things are harmful for them. Similarly some people use social media apps to share, exchange and chat for a good purpose. It can be business work, it can be a marketing. But it is good for them.

Other side of the picture:

Cyber crime and social media:

On the second hand, some people use media as a time pass. They chat with unknown people. Even girls and boys do the same. They upload bullshit content like porn to seduce others. Some people use media to make mischief as they are boys or girls. But use fake accounts and make other people harass. With the passage of time their bad deeds become their nature firmly. Then those harassers become evil for the whole economy. To fulfill their needs they earn a lot of money in a bad way. They do every bad act to irritate people they hack their accounts illegally. These all bullshits known as Cyber crime.

Although Cyber Crime is spreading fast. Now its is out of control. Crime affects our daily life.People should be aware of this bad thing. And also protect yourself from crime either it is white-collar crime or black collar crime.

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