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Coffee can save you from Covid-19.


In Washington newspaper, it is declare that cup of coffee on daily basis can save you from COVID-19 threat. No only this but American scientists and researches said that it can save you from other diseases also. Because Coffee contains such ingredients which can boost immunity.

Scientists tried it on almost 50 students and they got positive response. Although coffee is better for health. But tea may not be good. Drinking coffee can decrease the effect of photo-aging. Photo-aging is the the skin damage disease due to ultraviolet rays.

It keeps your pH levels normal. As it is antioxidant so it is also better for hairs and scalp. It is excellent to remove impurities and good for acne treatment as well. Coffee makes your blood flow good.

You can take coffee and even you can massage and scrub with it. It is best treatment for dead cells. It is good for foot bath. Coffee is effective to cleansing the foot. That can cause to make skin glow and shiny.

Another small research about coffee is that, it is acidic and better for hair and scalp. As the dullness of hair is due to the less acidity in the body. While Coffee provides the efficient amount of acidity to hair and scalp that can make them fresh.

  • Boosts your mind and make your mood fresh.
  • can save you from cancer also.
  • Diabetes patients must use coffee.
  • It also protects your heart from strokes.

Take coffee and have better response about your health. It is rumor that coffee can increase stress. Take coffee but without sugar or low amount of sugar which is best.

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