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First google payment

Google First Payment

With your support our first payment is ready for transfer to bank account. How to make money online.

I was started this technical blog website in 2019. After one year working this blog approved by google adsense even rejected more-than 7 times from google adsense team. Some time i disheartened but a hope “I can do it”. Different type of niches i tried on this blog especially Technology and new inventions related. After approval of adsense website earn $3 in a month and it was a very surprised for me.

Adsense payment

Now with the help of your support and my team this website is earning more-than $100 a month. Keep stay with us and update with new jobs and earning methods. we share on this blog many technical updates and new jobs and business ideas. Our Facebook follower are 130000+. If your are new and want to join our us on fb please go to our homepage and join our page or click here.

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