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Top Games in The world

Top Games

games are popular topic on internet and people love Gaming. In this time gaming is a very big market on internet. Some of the persons are work in gaming sector. Because gaming field is not easy. But the earning in this sector is very good then the other. If you design a game and it become famous that one game can make you dollar $ millionaire. Even just one game can change your game of your life.

How A Game become in the list of Top famous Games?

Technology is growing very fast and new things are coming in market and also completion is increasing. If you design a good game. Its not enough to make money. You need to do some steps.

  1. Marketing

Marketing of games is not the marking of selling physical product. You need to do social media marketing internet marketing. Its a money spending process. You will spend some money for online marketing. Internet marketing is called digital marketing because you are selling your digital product (Game). So you must do digital marketing on internet. Just create Ads on ad networks like Google advert, Facebook ads and Instagram Ads.


Game creating is a field of mind. If your game interface is good and attractive you achieved 80% work done. One thing you keep in your mind top games was not top in the beginning. With the marketing and good interface people like. Interface should be attractive and heart touching and player like it.


Games and other internet software’s need some update time to time. Old version make people boring. At this time some games are on top that like the peoples so much.

Top Games list.

We will not make a long list that make you bore. Here a short list that are on top and like world wide top games.

  1. Minecraft
  2. Pubg
  3. Call of Duty
  4. Grand Theft Auto

if we talk and personally i like and recommend pubg. pubg game like in all over the world even Europe (UK, USA, Canada), Asia (Pakistan, India and China) and UAE. Some government banned this game and make it illegal due to the psychological issues.

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