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First ever SCOM internet gives us 3G/4G network in Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan with the company name of SCOM, Special Communications Organization (SCO). SCO/SCOM is the first communication company is launched 3G/4G LTE network launched in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJ&K) and Gilgit baltistan (GB) peopels. SCO cares for customer and gives them good packages and volume like the scom internet packages daily, weekly and monthly Basis.

    • SCOM Daily Internet Packages

  • SCOM Internet packages




      Activation Code

      Price in PKR

      Daily 200

      200 MB Data 

      1 day Only


      Rs. 20 + Tax/ Day

      Daily Plus

      500 MB Data

      1 day Only


      Rs. 29 +Tax/ Day

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  1. Instructions:
      1. Dial code *111# from your mobile keypad to activate the package and follow the Directions from SCOM center.
      2. To Check your remaining data dial *125# and reply with ans 1 and follow the directions from SCOM center.

SCOM Inquiry Details Click And Open Details

SCOM Help Line


SCOM/SCO Free Internet Service (New Offer Click Now Code)


How to Subscribe the SCOM Super Card 300/550


SCOM Advance balance and balance share


SCOM Card/ EasyLoad Offers & Free Minutes


How to Check SCOM SIM Number


SCO/SCOM Balance Inquiry


SCO/SCOM Daily internet packages


SCOM Weekly internet packages


SCOM Monthly internet packages


SCO/SCOM Super Card Offers Now


SCOM Daily, Weekly and Monthly Call packages


Azadi Package


Basic tariff package


Pora Din package


Student package


SCOM 24Hour Package


SCOM/SCO daily 200 internet package


SCOM Daily plus internet package


SCOM Weekly 800 internet package


SCO/SCOM Super Weekly  internet package


SCOM Monthly Gold internet package


SCOM Monthly 3500 internet package


SCO/SCOM Monthly Premium internet package


SCOM Monthly Night SCOM internet package

SCOM Super Card 550Rs

Scom super card
SCO super card

Price: Rs.550

SCOM to SCOM minutes : 2000 Mins

SCOM to other network minutes : 150 Mins

Local SMS : 2000 SMS

Data : 2500 MB

Validity : 30 Days only


Data + Minutes


Price Rs

SCOM Super Card

On Net (2000 Mins)
Offnet (150 Mins) + 2500 MB internet

30 Days


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SCOM ( SCO ) Super Card package Details 300 Rs

Scom super card
SCO super card

Price: Rs.300. 

SCOM to SCOM minutes : 750 Mins. 

SCOM to other network minutes : 70 Mins. 

Local SMS : 750. 

Data : 700 MB.

Validity : 15 Days. 


Data + Minutes


Price Rs

SCOM Super Card 300

On Net (750 Mins)
Offnet (70 Mins) + 700 MB + 750SMS

15 Days


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