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Top Insurance companies in Pakistan

Top insurance company in Pakistan

There are many companies that exist in Pakistan and working very perfectly and earning a lot of money. In all of these companies, some are just Money bassed. Mostly you spend the money and company give you a product. But in the case of insurance, you just give them money and they return your money. Insurance companies work on the trust base. Which the best insurance company. A person who earns money and deposit a little amount of money to the insurance company. This is just for safety. In some cases, you have a fixed period to deposit money. Mostly we yearly deposit. There are many types of insurance.

Types of Insurance

  • Life insurance
  • Car Insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Home insurance

There are many other types of insurance available. Different insurance claim gives us many facilities. Now we talk about our main topic of top insurance companies in Pakistan.

Top Insurance Companies in Pakistan

Without wasting time let’s go to the list of top companies who offer the best insurance policies.

  1. State Life insurance

State life insurance top insurance companies in pakistan

This company is one of the top insurance in Pakistan. A large number of customers grab this company. State life insurance gives different types of insurance and facilitates the peoples. State life insurance is a government department and has a good record for a long time in Pakistan.

2. EFU (Eastern Federal Union Insurance Company Limited)

insurance companies in pakistan

Pakistan’s first insurance company. This is a Pakistan-based insurance company. EFU company was founded in India in 1932. After the partition of Pakistan and India company shifted to Pakistan. EFU working in Pakistan EFU offers General insurance, Life insurance, and Health insurance. EFU insurance company Head office in Karachi. If you are interested to join this insurance it will be better for you. EFU also offers the pension system monthly.

3.  Jubilee Insurance (Digital insurance companies in Pakistan)

Top insurance company in pakistan

Jubilee life insurance company is a private insurance company. Jubilee is a very fast and digitalized company. Many types of jubilee insurance offer lists are below.


Every company is moderating its records with new technologies. SMS alerts and confirmation system is already available in different companies.

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