SCOM Internet packages
SCOM internet Packages daily weekly and monthly

New SCOM Internet packages 2021.

SCOM is providing different types of communications since 1976 AJ&K (Azad Jamu kashmir) and GB (Gilgit Baltistan) Pakistan. Moreover SCOM (Special Communications Org) is providing DSL , Telephone and Mobile services as well. Today we will share some SCOM Internet packages.

Furthermore there are many types of Internet packages which are available in SCOM for Azad Jamu and Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan peoples. Scom also facilitate to AJ & K and GB Peoples.

  1. SCOM daily 200 (with Internet Package)
  2. S_COM daily plus (internet package)
  3. SCOM weekly 800 Packages
  4. S_COM super weekly internet
  5. SCOM Monthly Gold Internet package
  6. S_COM monthly 3500 package
  7. SCOM Monthly Premium internet package with code
  8. S_COM Monthly Night scom internet package with code

SCOM Super Card Offers


SCOM Call Packages Daily/Weekly/Monthly

SCOM call packages
S_COM call packages daily,weekly and monthly


SCOM Internet packages
S_COM internet Packages daily weekly and monthly


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