What is Zakat and its ideas?

What is Zakat and its ideas?

What is Zakat and its ideas?

Zakwat Details

Zakat is an important pillar of Islam. For all Muslims. Zakat is a religious duty that meets the criteria of wealth.

Zakat is an essential charitable contribution. which is often considered a tax, but it is not. The payment of Zakat has played a very important role in the history of Islam specially during the wars.

Zakat on wealth is based on the total value of all wealth. This is 2.5% of the total savings and wealth of a Muslim. More than the minimum amount commonly do not about charity. But how many scholars there are to tell.

Furthermore According to Islamic beliefs, the accumulated money should be distributed among the poor. and needy, zakat collectors, converts to Islam, they should be freed from slavery. people in debt, in the way of Allah and stranded travelers Benefit etc.

Today, in most of the Muslim-majority countries, zakat contributions are voluntary, while in Pakistan, Malaysia, Libya, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Zakat is mandatory.

Genealogy of Zakat

Zakat means “purifier”. Zakat is an important way to purify one’s income and wealth.

Just as ablution purifies the body and salawat purifies the soul. Therefore, in Islam, wealth is purified through Zakat.

Theories of CHARITY 

The Holy Quran


The Holy Qur’an discusses charity in many verses. some of which relate to CHARITY. Muslims believe that those who pay CHARITY can expect a reward from God after the Hereafter. while neglecting to pay Charity results in punishment. Charity is considered a part of the covenant between Allah and the Muslim.

Afterwards According to Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the Qur’anic verse states that charity. is one of the three conditions for polytheists to become Muslims: Are brothers. ”

Calculation of charity in money

People who are competent should pay charity. The Qur’an does not provide specific instructions on what kind of wealth. is taxed under charity.

It additionally depends on the type of commodity on precious metals. agricultural commodities, livestock, and minerals. with rates ranging between 2.5% and 20% (1/5).

Contrary to the prayers, even the exceptions, the proportions. the types of wealth which are there are differences among the scholars. Such differences are a serious issue for Muslims on a large scale when it comes to the application of their Islamic duty to charity.

For example, some scholars consider the wealth of insane people and children to be charity.  Some people consider all agricultural products as charity, others limit charity to certain types only. Some consider loans worthy of charity and others do not.

There are similar differences between business assets and women’s jewelry. Some need a small amount of money for zakat. Some do not. There are similar differences regarding the distribution of charity.

Hadith of zakat 


There is a book dedicated to charity. in the collection of very reliable hadiths in Islam. Sunan Abu Dawud’s book and Sahih Muslim’s book discuss various aspects of charity. including who pays whom, how much, when and what. Hadiths also mention a rate of charity.


The hadiths advise those who do not pay charity on time. According to the hadith, refusing to pay or ridicule those who pay. acharity is a sign of hypocrisy, and God does not accept the prayers of such people. It also describes punishment for those who refuse to pay Zakat or fail. On the Day of Resurrection, those who do not pay Zakat will be held accountable and punished.

The hadith also contains advice on the official authorized collection of Zakat. It is obligatory on the collectors not to take more than what is obligatory, and those who are paying Zakat have been asked to refrain from paying.

The hadith also says to punish those who take Zakat when they are not able to receive it.

To distribute

According to Surah Tawbah of the Holy Quran, there are eight types of people who are eligible to benefit from Zakat funds.

“Charity is for the poor, and for those who work to manage the money, for those whose hearts are at peace, for those who are in bondage and debt, in the way of Allah and the wayfarer. For Allah has ordained, and Allah is full of wisdom and knowledge.

Surah At-Tawbah in the Qur’an
Poor people living without a livelihood.
The needy cannot meet their basic needs.

To appease those who sympathize with people or hope to convert to Islam. recent converts to Islam, and possible alliances in the way of Islam. Muslim slaves who have declared or intended to be freed from their master by the Katbah agreement What is it.

People who have faced a lot of debt while trying to meet their basic needs and Debtors

Those who fight for the religious cause fight in the way of Allah with pen, word. Or sword are Islamic fighters fighting against the infidels but not paid soldiers.

Passengers who are traveling.But cannot reach their destination without financial support.

Zakat should not be given to one’s own parents, grandchildren. children, grandparents, spouse or children of the Prophet Muhammad.

The role of Zakat in society. 

Zakat is considered by Muslims to be an act of piety through. which they help one another in their well-being, as well as protecting social harmony between the rich and the poor.

Zakat promotes equal distribution of wealth. And promotes the spirit of solidarity among the  Ummah.


Surah Yaseen

Reading Surah Yaseen

Surah Yaseen listening in beautiful voice


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