The first five inventions of the last decade

The first five inventions of the last decade

The first five inventions of the last decade

There has been a lot of progress in technology in the last few years. The world has come a long way since the advent of artificial intelligence. All of these new inventions have amazing ideas, but what are the first inventions of this decade? This article is designed to find a couple of them.

1: social networks

2: GPS

3: laser eye surgery

4: Artificial intelligence

5: self-drive cars

(The first five inventions of the last decade)

social networks

Social media is one of the big inventions of all time. This technology allows us to communicate with anyone in any corner of the world.In addition to communication, it has become a great resource for jobs, like being an inspiration, creating content, promoting your business, and much more.

Even if you are traveling 8,000 miles away from your family, you can easily chat with them through social networks.Romantic letters are more important nowadays, because every guy can send a text, but a small percentage of people take a long time to write a letter.

GPS (global positioning system)

Some people think that GPS is an amazing invention.
GPS works everywhere on the planet, and it shows your location at the right time. It can be helpful for parents to take care of their children.

These are cases where killers have hacked into their phones and searched for their GPS location to find their prey. This is also very useful when you go on a road trip, and if you get lost in the jungle, you can pick up your phone and find the nearest route right now.

Laser eye surgery

The medical field is one of the things that has improved through technology. Now we can work on which laser, robot and even the slave using the augmented reality.Over the years, various methods have been invented, such as laser eye surgery, surgery, and even iris implants using augmented reality.

Surgeries are less dangerous than today’s surgeries using the growing reality. Special equipment shows you where to cut and where to sew.Some procedures are dangerous, such as iris implants. In this surgery, a small incision is made under your iris and then a special implant is inserted.

Artificial intelligence

We’re all familiar with robots and robotic assistants, but have you ever thought of your Alexa device or any Google device as an AI unit?

In a few years, we will be surrounded by robots that will look like humans, who can even think and understand like us. The hard part is writing code to understand and express emotions.

self-drive cars

If we continue to develop this technology, car accidents can happen. You can forget to drive by self-driving cars.

Enjoy the scenery on the road, relax while driving at night, the possibilities are endless you put make-up on your way to work, but make sure that you know what is happening around you You know very well



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