How smart phones make a man dumb?

How smart phones make a man dumb?


As science and technologies are making progress. People find everything for their easiness. In old age, people calculated money in different ways. That was difficult at that time. To consult a doctor and taking appointments were difficult. Find a place without map was difficult. To change all these difficulties into easiness Smart phones invented. Although these phones have some bad aspects. But a facility for us too.

In smart phones different applications are using. Like maps, health and fitness application, messenger, whatsApp, Facebook lite, Quran recites applications and Quran translation apps etc. We can use all these things for our knowledge. We can connect with our friends and family via Whatsapp who are far from us. Another use of smartphone is we can also recite Quran at homes. Furthermore we can read translation of Quran online through an application. Afterwards people can play video games on the phones. As children are very fond of playing such games. So they can play on their parents phones and tablets.

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These phones have too much accessories for a man. We can not feel bore if we have such phone or tablets etc. These have enough space for different applications. You can install an application for use that any time. You can watch TV, cricket match on YouTube and daily motion. Current generation use the smart phones too much as they eat food in a day. Our body needs food on a specific time, but we need phone every time.


Smart phones make a man dumb because man is not independent. We become dependent as we use alarms for our awake, we need reminders to remind us a thing. We use reminder for everything like birthday celebration or any other event.  Moreover we use reminders for our daily routines as well. In old age, people lose memories and they said oh! i forget this thing. But we are starting forget things in our young age. So all of these things shows that our phones make us dumb and lazy.

Everything has its uses and misuses too. But We observe and adopt mostly negative things. People watch cricket, movies and dramas on phones whole night, then they can not awake at the right time in the morning. These misuses make a person sick. Due to bad sleep you may get depression and headache, eyes pain. As blue light or ultraviolet rays effect the eyes. Eyes get dry and eyesight get weak day by day. Due to the too much  use of phones risk of heart issues may arise.

It is necessary for us but keep it mind that use it in a good way.


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