Everything that is alive in the earth needs food to live and to grow. Ghosts, birds, animals, insects and humans as well likewise prayer is food of soul.. Everything that Allah has created praise Allah. Allah has created them for his praise. But for humans praying has prescribed. It is duty to pray 5 times in a day. Offer praying is one of the important pillar of Islam and known as soul of religion. And it is necessary for successful life.

It is Quranic quote that

One who will stand for prayer will be save from evilness.

When you get prepare for prayer, you do ablution first. Then your all past sins forgiven by ALLAH.  Ablution makes a man purify. Purify means out of sins. Prayer protect a man from evil deeds. It means when you offer prayer 5 times in a day. You are fully protected from evil.

Abu Umar narrated that Prophet PBUH said:

place of prayer in islam is  like place of head in a body. (Majma ul awsat).

This hadith shows the importance of praying. Allah Almighty does not need our praise of course he does not care at all. But It is necessary to bow our knees and head to Him. As He  Almighty is the king of the universe. It will be asked at the day of judgement.

prayer is food of soul.


  • First prayer is FAJAR. Fajar paryer is most important prayer. The person who offer pray of fajar may get beauty of soul and body. One who miss the prayer of fajar means his face is out of light (noor). It means the light of goodness has taken fvrom its face.
  • Second prayer is DUHR. One who pray at time of duhr may get his wealth more. A person who miss the prayer of duhr means his family and property has destroy.
  • Third prayer is ASAR, It is most important prayer as it increases the strength of body. Person who miss the prayer means he will lose his strength too. Importance of asar prayer is more than other prayers.

guard strictly of your prayers specially the middle one. (surah al baqrah 2; 238)

  • 4th prayer is MAGHRIB prayer. If a person offers pray it daily then his children will be obedient for him.
  • The last one is ISHA prayer. If you want a good sleep you must offer pray isha.


When your body get food you can grow. You have strength. But when your body does not get a healthy diet you may not be easily grow. In fact you face different problems of health. Likewise our soul also needs food. Our good deeds are the good food of our soul. Our soul get healthy. Prayer is also food of soul. IF you want to get your soul healthy you might be offer pray 5 times.

difference Between the faith and unbelief is only the prayer.(Muslim, abu dawood, ibn e maja).



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