Pilgrimage is a sign of equality.


Pilgrimage (Hajj) is a journey from your home to Allah’s house (BAIT UL ALLAH). It is the 5th pillar of Islam. Pilgrimage is necessary for all Muslims who have enough money to spend. It is sign of equality and unity as well. It is a religious obligation that reminds us the memories of Holy prophet Hazrat Ibrahim and his son Hazrat Ismael.


In the childhood of Hazrat Ismael, Hazrat Ibrahim said his wife Hazrat Hajira for a journey by the order od Allah. They prepared for journey and after a long walk. They got their destination. Hazrat Ibrahim left his child and wife in the desert of Arabia with some little food. Food was hardly enough for two days. Afterwards Hazrat Ibrahim did not come back and food ended soon. Hazrat Ismael was hungry and was weeping continuously.

Hazrat Hajira got worried about him and ran seven times between two mountains “SAFA AND MARWA”  for a drop of water for his son. At last round to Al-Marwa she called help me.

Hills of Safa and Marwa

Suddenly Hazrat Jibrel came and hit his wing on earth so fresh and pure water appeared. Which is called zamzam“.Hence Hazrat Hajira filled water in her hands and thanked to Allah.

well of zamzam


Hazrat Ibrahim saw the dream in which he was ordered to sacrifice his son Ismael. At first he thought it is not a really good from evil. But later on he saw the same dream for next two days. Then he thought it is the order of Allah. He decided to tell the dream to his son. His son said “Oh my great father! if it is the order of Allah then I am ready for it. Afterwards he took his son with him and went to Jungle.

When he tied up his legs and arms and make himself blindfold because it was not easy to sacrifice his beloved son. When he started Allah Almighty sent a ram by Hazrat Jibrel. Hazrat Ibrahim and Hazrat Ismael understood that it was test by Allah which they had passed at last. For this reason all competent Muslims sacrifice an animal on 10th of zilhajj.


  • Take Ihram and intention to perform the pilgrimage.
  • Travel to Mina
  • Travel to Araafat to perform waquf
  • Offer prayer in Mazdalfah
  • Perform Rami in Mina.
  • Sacrifice of animal
  • Then shaving the heads of men and shorten the hairs of women.
  • Perform tawaf and saiy
  • Then repeat stoning at Mina
  • finally Perform the tawaf


“allah has order for hajj so perform it.”

“there are five pillars of islam and hajj is one of them”.

Abu Hurraira narrated that someone asked to HAzrat Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him that “which deed is best?”

prophet saw replied “beleif in allah and his prophets”.

he asked again… “next”?

prophet replied “Jihad for ALlah”

then he asked “what is best next to it”?

prophet replied “hajj mabroor”.

( muslim hadith).

It is obligation of every Muslim who is competent. May Allah Almighty gives us strength for this holy journey.





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