Online earning Process (How to Earn Money Online ?)

Online earning Process (How to Earn Money Online ?)

Process of Online Earning Earn Money Online ?

online earning

This question is world wide asking question not by a single person or a region. We take a look from start.
Which type of the earning you want from Online. Process of online earning.

Why online website pay?

How Online websites earn money and pay for online work ?
How long time required to make money online?
We have many questions on this topic and today i will try to solve and cover your questions.
we will start from the major questions that can be clear you this scenario/ Process.
How Online websites earn money and who pay these websites.

#1 (Online Advertising)

Most or the websites work and sell their content to advertising companies like google AdSense, and PropellerAds. These companies pays to websites to show ads. When a visitor come on website and look ads and click on Ads. In this case advertising company pay to website owner on the base of CPC and impressions of ads.

What is CPC ?

The CPC is Cost Per Click.
How much Advertising company pay on CPC (Cost Per Click) ?.
CPC is depend on the type of ads and click comes from which country. Every country has different rates to pay for ads on CPC.

#2 (Online earning with Affiliate marketing)

What is Affiliate marketing?

The question is very important most of the people want to learn and know about Affiliate Marketing.
Affiliate Marketing is just work like broker. Any Online selling website sell the products and earn money. You just help to grow their business for some amount. Many online selling companies are work on world wide like amazon, ebay Click band and Daraz.
How much Affiliate companies pay on product selling ?
A very sweet and simple answer is “Its depend on the type of product”. These companies offer you from 1% to 30% on each sale. Profit depends on category of product like electronics, woods, ceramics and Clothes.

Which Type of high earning products on affiliate marketing?


On electronics products most of the profitable and easy to attract the customers.

How we can be the part of affiliate marketing ?

Just sign up on online selling websites and write a attractive article about the product and give affiliate link. This process will give you the a good online earning.

#3 Online earning with Make your online store.

If you are passionate for online earning and want a good amount to earn online. Then you make your own online store and sale the products. You don’t need to take products to your home or shop. Just make store and take order and arrange a transport to deliver that products. On these all of the products you can make a good margin.

How to make online store for Online earning?

Buy any online website name that is required you and available and make online store. If you have no idea how to make online store then comment us for info. After this we will publish how to make store online.

How long time required to make money online

Your question is how long time required to earn money online. So it depends on your hard work and type of your work and marketing company. But all of this process you need to work with the passion. All of above mentioned process you can do with your computer and mobile and a good internet connection.


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