Allah Almighty created man as “NOBLEST OF CREATIONS (Ashraf ul makhlooqat)”. It means humans are superior from all creations. As Allah Almighty gives us the reward, He Almighty gives us duties as well. Those duties which other creations can not do. Allah Almighty sent his messengers to world in every era. Those messengers taught the man way of living. They taught man how to live with limits? Which things is good or bad? They also taught us the difference of Halal and haram. Furthermore they gave us concept of everything which might be important in our life. They taught us by their actions. All messengers told about the pillars of islam. Like praying, fasting, charity (zakat), pilgrimage (hajj) and faith. Faith that Allah is one and Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is the messenger/ prophet of Allah. Today we will discuss the importance of fasting in islam. 


Allah Almighty tells the limits and restrictions to man in the Holy Quran. He also shows the limits by his prophets. Prophets told us Fasting is an important thing for Muslim. This is knows as the pillar of islam. Moreover it has many benefits.

In the ninth islamic month, named RAMADAN. All Muslims keep fast. Fasting is a condition in which a human can not eat or drink something. Not only this, but a muslim must stay away from bad deeds. He (man) offers prayer. And recite Quran as much as he can read too.

Abu Huraira related that Hazrat Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him said that;

If a person can not stop himself from bad talk and bad deeds, then allah almighty does not care of his hunger.

Ref: (bukhari & muslim).

Importance of fasting.

When a man stay hungry for Allah and stay away from bad deeds and keep doing good. Allah Almighty forgives his earlier bad actions.

Abu Huraira related that Hazrat Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him said that;

Whoever keeps fast in ramadan with faith, allah will forgive his past sins. Ref: (Bukhari ).

From the first day of Ramadan till the last day of Ramadan. Fast times starts with fajar prayer until the Maghrib prayer (before dawn to dawn).

Salman bin amir related that Hazrat Muhammad peace be upon him said that;

Break your fast with dates or pure water.

Ref: (abu dawood tirmidhi).


Allah Almighty tells the limits to Humans for their goodness. So here fasting has also benefits which some People do not know.

  1. Fasting helps to learn a man how we can control our selves for badness? And how we can move towards goodness.
  2. It also helps the man to be purify the body. Purify means how we can turns ourselves to Allah afterwards from which deeds we can find ajar at the day of judgement.

  1. Fasting keeps your health good. When whole day a muslim does not eat and drink. It also helps to lose weight. And saves you from different internal diseases.
  2. At last,Keeping fast helps to live with peace and how to adopt a equality behaviour.




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