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Friday In islam, Christianity, Hinduism

Friday In islam, Christianity, Hinduism

Friday’s in Islam religion

The day of Friday’s is the day of a 7 days week between Thursday & Saturday. The countries adopting to the “Monday is the first” convention it the 5th day of a week. In the other countries that the adopted the “Sunday is the first” conventional, it is the 6th day of the week.

Western countries Friday’s :

In the westerners countries, the Friday’s is the 5th & the final day of the official working week. In the some other countries, for ex the Maldives , the Friday’s  is the first day of the official week, with saturday is the second day of week. THE he Israel, Friday’s is the 6th day of a official week. In Iran, the Friday’s is the last day of the working week. Bahrain, & United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia (KSA) &  Kuwait also followed this conventional until they are changed to a Friday’s and Saturday weekend days of working week on 1st Sep 2006.

Friday in Christianity:

Friday’s in Christianity

In the Christianity religion , Good day is the Friday’s before Easter. It commemorates wih the Jesus.

Friday in Hinduism:

Friday in Hinduism
Friday’s in Hinduism

In hinduism religion the Fridays are most important day for the married ladies/ womens of Hinduism. They are worship Goddess on the Friday.

Friday in Islam:

Friday in Islam religion
Friday’s in Islam religion

In the Islam religion , the Friday’s is the most important day in Islam. The praying together and often mistaken as the holy day of Muslims.
It day also has surah in Quran named  Al-Jumuah means Friday’s . On the day of Jumma, do the recitation of Surah Jummah.

Friday in Al-Quran:

اے لوگو جو ایمان لائے اور جب جمعہ کے دن.نماز کے لیے اذان دی جائے تو تم اللہ کے ذکر کی طرف دوڑ پڑو اور خرید و فروخت جو بھی کرنی ہو چھوڑ دو تمہارے حق میں یہی بہتر ہے اگر تم سب جانتے ہو ۔ سورۃ 62 آیت 9

Friday Hadith:

“Rasul Sallallahu Alehi Walsallam gave Abu abas
Will go to mosque to offer namaz on friday.Allah forbids the fire of Hell on him.”

Friday in Judaism:

Friday in Judaism
Friday’s in Judaism

Jewish Sabbath begins at the sunset on fridays & last until the nightfall on the Saturday. There is a Jewish of custom to fast on the Friday’s of the week.


In the Thailand, the color associated to the Friday’s is blue.


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