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Hometechnologyblock chain and its types

block chain and its types

Blockchain and its types

(block chain and its types)

Blockchain is a growing list of all records, called Blocks.

Which are interconnected using encryption. each block contains a cryptographic hash, time stamp, and transaction data from the previous block. A blockchain is resistant to editing its data. Because once recorded, the data in any box cannot be changed without changing all subsequent blocks. The management of a blockchain is usually connected through a peer-to-peer network. that collectively adheres to a protocol for inter-node communication and the creation of new blocks.

The blockchain was invented by a man in 2008 to act as a public transaction ledger for the cryptocurrency bitcoin. The invention of the blockchain for bitcoin made it the first digital currency to solve the problem of duplication. Without the need for a reliable authority or central server. The bitcoin design has greatly influenced other applications. And that is readable by the public and widely used by cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain types

there are at least four types of blockchain.
Networks side blockchains, private blockchains, public blockchains, and hybrid blockchains.

1: Private blockchains

2: Hybrid blockchains

3: Public blockchains

4: side blockchains

Private blockchains

No one can join without the permission of the private blockchain unless invited by the network administrators. On the other hand access to a partner and a legitimate car is strictly prohibited. Distinguishing between open blockchains and other peer-to-peer. Breakfast database applications that are not open computer clusters. Sometimes usually involve the term distributed ledger for private blockchains.

Hybrid blockchains

A hybrid blockchain is a combination of key features. The exact functions of the chain may vary depending on which part of the decentralization is used.

Side blockchain

It is a chemical group that attaches to the central chain of a molecule or the spinal cord, like a protein. Alternatively, an atom or group of atoms replaces a hydrogen atom on the basic chain of hydrocarbons. Sidechain, impact in digital audio processing ledger is a special blockchain.

Public blockchains

A public blockchain is not restricted at all. Anyone with an internet connection can send transactions to it and at the same time become a legitimizer.

Some of the largest, most popular public block chains are Ethereum Block chains and Bitcoin Block chains.

Above all, technologies are changing our lives every day. New innovations and inventions are amazing and helpful in our daily life. Secondly, Human is going to a new world that’s called the digital world. Our routine life is depending on digital equipment. Everything like will be digitalized very soon and blockchain is a big step of this system.


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