Why did scientist steal brain of Einstein after his death?

Every scientist has a powerful brain with high IQ level. They have enough stamina and capabilities as compared to a average person. They think in a unique way unlike an average or normal person could eat apple if the apple fell from tree, but Newton thought why did the apple fall on the earth?

Biography of scientist (Albert Einstein):

Likewise Albert Einstein was a scientist, who earn too much famous in the field of invention. He was a German mathematician and physicist. He was born in 1879 and died in 1995. In his life he did work hard in the field of physics and math.

A scientist
A brainy man.

Interesting fact about Einsteins student life, Einstein was a slow learner in how to talk, and his teacher daily insulted him for something that he could not get what teacher is saying. Once his teacher got him out from the school and said you can not study any more. His teachers was failed to know his talent.

But who knew he will be a man of inventions? He was the man of highest IQ level of 162.

Einstein and his driver’s interesting incidents

He went with his driver everywhere. Einstein and his driver looked same, and his driver knew about his work. Sometimes Einstein played role of driver and his driver played role of Einstein.

He published his theory of Relativity. When he published his theory professor of different universities called him for giving lectures on this topic. He himself went to different universities to deliver the lecture. His driver delivered lectures in universities like Einstein.

One day they were sitting together in a meeting and driver was playing role of Einstein. Someone asked the Question that Driver did not know, so he covered to say and point the driver that “I will allow my driver to be answer for you”. Then Einstein answered for that question. It looks really interesting.

Einstein’s success and awards

In 1921, he was awarded with a Nobel prize because of his success in “Theoretical physics”. After one year he had received one more Nobel prize because of discovery of “Law of photoelectric effect“.

Brain of Einsteins was stolen

When Einsteins was died after 7 and half an hours his brain was stolen. His brain was attractive because of his extraordinary intelligence. He was foremost genius of 20th century. Because scientist wanted to research on his brain. After study his brain they finalize that his brain was different from other people. Scientist were not blind who saw the graphs in the brain of Einsteins. And after the research thy admitted that undoubtedly, Einstein was great mathematician.

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