New Technology Gadgets 2021

New Technology Gadgets

Today we will talk and look new products to pitch views on the internet. we will look about the 3 new several new gadgets of tech. These Gadgets jump us on the next level generation technology. But before we start just remember like our website and share it with your friends. If you want to update with technology and technical news then keep touch with our website.

couch bunker (New Technology)

couch bunkers

this is a very secret bunker and no anyone can think. Couch bunkers has facility all various couches. This product has built-in safe that can be used for the different purpose the cushions are Bulletproof. Multiple lockers available in this bunker. You can safe your secret things like documents. Safe is closed with the two locks. Only one key can operate all locks. If you have some weapons and you want to store that then this is perfect for you. Because it has the space to Store 30 weapons. This is the special for gun safe.

Morus zero

morus zero

Morus zero dryer work fast more than a normal dryer. You can try your clothes within15 minutes. Save your energy and time with this machine. this is a desktop lightweight machine easy to carry. This machine reduce your cost. Almost 40% energy cost can we save with this machine. this dryer is currently not available in the market. But we hope it will launch very soon.

Gibs Biski (Ride on Water New Technology)

gibs biski (new technology)
This is an dream bicycle this bicycle you can travel on road and water. Even you can travel on this on rough road. This bicycle can reach speed of 80 miles the road and about 35 miles per hour on water. If you are passionate travelling bike then this is very perfect bike because you can travel without any restrictions. it has the 55 horsepower engine. The good news is this bike is available in the market you can buy it easily.

Foculs Glasses

Focul Glasses

this is glasses a new company and it is acquired by the Google. If you wear glasses then you can replace with this providing your classes data. This glasses are full filled with the technology. It has too many features like make your phone call and messages check the weather many other things. These glasses are very easy to operate. Now it’s available on Amazon.

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