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National Flower

Jasmine National Flower Of Pakistan
(Chambeli Ka Phool)

Jasmine Flower :

Jasmines flower

It,s one of the best picture captured by me. Its called is jasmine. Jasmine is the national flower of the Islamic country pakistan. In pakistani national language urdu jasmine is called that chambeli ka phool. Jasmine colours white and white colour is symbol of peace.

Pakistan National Flower:

On Pakistan the national flower of the country is Jasmine. which is called that the national flower of Pakistan. Chambeli is a very gorgeous that has into white and yellow colors. It grows in land clusters in shrubs. Chambeli blooms in summer season and needs water, manure and sunshine to flourish. Chamebli is quite common all over in the pakistan. Chambeli also has been the central subject of poetry and works. Its also provides us the adorning to the landscape.

Jasmine flower uses:

Its also used in decorations of weddings halls and wedding cars. It also used in home for decoration. Jasmine used at the home welcoming places and wedding halls. Its used in different perfumes. The jasmine flowers used for gardening purposes but also for perfumery as well as medical uses.

Types of jasmines flowers in pakistan :

There are 6 types of Jasmine Flowers in pakistan.

1. Common white Jasmine flower :

Jasmine flowers

These jasmines bloom are heavily during in the summer season. The also be made to at other times under controlled in environments. Jasmine is the green houses or indoor environments that have a warm temperature in home indoors.

2. Royal Jasmine flower :

Jasmine flowers

This royal jasmines besides being used in making perfumes.

3. Yellow jasmines:

Jasmine flowers

Yellow Jasmine are Winter Jasmine is a type of jasmine that features that grow up to 4 feet width and the 7 feet high.

4. White Arabian jasmines:

Jasmine flowers

Arabian jasmine is the the national flowers of the country Philippines and the Indonesia. This type of jasmine which is the best suited to warm environments. This jasmines flowers 4 to 6 feet in the wide and height. 


5. Wild jasmines:

Jasmine flowers

Jasmine refers to a type of jasmine that produces bunches of the yellow flowers in the spring and summer time season.

6. Pink jasmine:

Jasmine flowers

This type of the jasmine flower required little maintenance for the pruning during flowering season to the overcrowded growth.



Neelum velly temperature is -20°c below 

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