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Mod Whatsapp features

Mod Whatsapp features Review

There are many features in WhatsApp launching by other parties. Some Whatsapp features are Flight mod, send message with timer, check anyone status without he know with your phone/ computer. Download others status without info and other like DND mod. You think i don’t know about any feature like this and i am a very noble person because i don’t know about these features. Our aim to inform you about new technology even you like or not.
In official WhatsApp features are limited. But mod apps give us some many functionality. We will talk about the that apps that facilitate modification in WhatsApp like gb WhatsApp and yo WhatsApp. If you are using these applications then today we will suggest you which one is the best.

Top Whatsapp features mod applications 

Could WhatsApp
gb WhatsApp
WhatsApp plus
fm WhatsApp
if you want to download above mentioned apk‘s. Than you can simply copy and past in google search and download latest versions.
Some yo WhatsApp new features i want to share with you.
You can add a function ” when you replay of any massage then mark blue tick on massage”
in normal WhatsApp when we read any massage then that mark blue. But in this app when we will reply then mark blue tick on your friends massage. This is really a good feature.
One important option is flight mod.
What happened when we on yo WhatsApp flight mod?
Normally when we connect our phone with internet it shows WhatsApp online.
In Yo WhatsApp you can show your status as offline. when we on the yo WhatsApp flight mod then it show to others offline. In this mod your WhatsApp will not connected with internet.

“WhatsApp” Instructions about Mod applications. 

There are many other latest features available in this application.
One thing comes in our mind ” Is WhatsApp mod application use safe?”
According to WhatsApp ” It is not safe to use these applications. Because it can effect on your data and your privacy can be danger”. But on the other hand companies (That design these software) says we have no any servers to collect user data. We just modify WhatsApp application for extra WhatsApp features. And your chat is encrypted as officially by WhatsApp. But WhatsApp never suggest to use these applications.
Now its depend on you to search more about these applications and safe you data as your requirements.

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