Smart pendant turns your random thoughts into text

Invention of Smart pendant.

In science field every second day we hear about an invention which makes our life easier. There is another invention that is smart pendant which turns your voice and thoughts in text.  It is beneficial for humans because it saves time. If you speak and intelligent pendant turns your voice into text. It is a tiny device which cannot seen by anyone in one look. It is also called wearable technology.

                            wearable technology

Senstone’s team develop the device. The founder of the device Markiyan Matsekh is going to develop it further.

Usage of smart pendant

It can be wear on the necklace and bracelet. It looks like a jewellery. In the smart pendant a sensor is used, that coverts the data into text. It is just like hands-free notepad. It can attached with clothes as well. This can understand 12 languages and students do not need to write notes now. With just one click it starts to convert data into text.

This technology is best for the novice robot users because it simplifies the INFORM programming, and easy to implement that.

It is useful for disable person, although it is beneficial but technology has some dark sides. The disadvantages are some security issues and privacy concern. You may helpless when technology fails.

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