Free and Latest NEW Android Apps

Free and Latest NEW Android Apps

New android apps

There are many apps launched daily on Application stored with new features. These apps sometime very helpful  for us and make our work easy. Today we will review of some new android apps that can be very useful in your daily routine.

New applications 2020| 2021 are show with amazing features:

All Tools (New Android Apps)

All tools android application

This is an all in one tools application that provide us 60+ tools. One of the most important thing is the size of application is only 5MB. And this application facilitate with functions without internet. Tools list that are mentioned below:

  1. Walkie Talkie
  2. Music Group
  3. CCTV
  4. Bar-code and QR-code reader
  5. Torch
  6. Compass
  7. Clipboard
  8. Mirror
  9. Speedometer
  10. Leveler
  11. Converter
  12. Metal Detector
  13. Recorder
  14. Stop Watch
  15. Brightness
  16. Temperature
  17. Pressure
  18. Length (Height)
  19. Humidity
  20. Protractor
  21. Sound Intensity
  22. Altitude
  23. Emf
  24. Blank Cam
  25. Heart Rate
  26. G – Meter
  27. My Location
  28. Ruler
  29. Counter
  30. Scribbler
  31. Color Detector
  32. rpm
  33. Step Counter
  34. Horizontal Length
  35. Seismometer
  36. Mike
  37. Magnifier
  38. Battery info
  39. Internet Speed
  40. Speed
  41. WiFi Calls
  42. Sound generator
  43. Random digit
  44. Text to Speech
  45. Motion Cam
  46. Controller
  47. Night Vision
  48. Signal Strength
  49. IR Remote
  50. Text Recognition
  51. File Transfer
  52. Check List
  53. Cam Scanner
  54. Timer
  55. Speech to Text
  56. Arduino bluetooth
  57. BMI
  58. Screen recorder
  59. Stop motion
  60. Paint
  61. QR-Generator
  62. Morse code
  63. EMI
  64. Path tracker
  65. Number count
  66. Billing System

Every once in a while I’ll try out a few “all-in-one” apps with cool features, but I always come back to this one. All the camera tools are fantastic! The OCR tool works insanely fast and the mirror tool is clearer than the S9 camera. Wish it had a favorite function or the ability to add a tool to your home screen though. Also not sure if it’s a bug or Android update issue, but the volume is always maxed out no matter what. Best not to use any of the sound tools like TTS or sound generator.

Ratio (Best in New android apps)

new android apps

This is not just an simple application. This is work like a app launcher. When you are in important work and want to focus on your work and don’t want to use mobile during work. In this situation this new application will help to focus on work. Or if you are phone addicted and you need to spend few time for mobile this will distract you when you use phone. It gives a black background color and all apps are in black in white and many other widgets available in this application. even it shows you how much time you spend on one phone application.



This new android application is launched for those peoples who are video maker. And most of the time spend on making video and update status on instagram, Whatsapp, fb and other social media platforms. This give video editing functionality like video mute, crop, trim etc when you share video.

InstaMocks – App Screenshot Design Tool

instamocks Logo      new android app

InstaMocks application is not a very popular or daily usage application. But it can be helpful when you want o share your screen shot. It allows you some others phones frames to put your screen shot in other phone frame.



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