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How to check call details

In this article we will talk about android applications that can recover your deleted call details. This application give you facility to collect your phone deleted call details of one year. If you give your phone to your friend or anyone for call. He/ She calls from your phone and delete calls history. Its mean person who were calling from your phone is deleting prove.
But you want to know this person was connected (Calls / SMS) to which phone number. Some time your friend calls you with a little missed calls and show he was calling you and you did not responded. Even you feel not good especially when you deleted all call records. In this case you have a good option and recover SMS and calls detail with simple steps.Download an application and install that in you mobile for recover calls details. One thing more “we are not promoting this application. This is just for education.”
SMS and Call details

Deleted SMS Details

You can get your deleted 
calls log
sms statistics
Call Log Statistics
data in PDF file. This data can save in mobile and upload in you google drive and drop box easily. Daily calls details and daily sms details also avail.
Just click on your required detail that you want to check and give your name.

Deleted Call Details

call details
In calls detail:
Calls log details
Dialed calls
Only Received Calls
Only Missed Calls
In this application you can check call details even missed calls detail for 2 sec.
As check calls detail we can check previous one year SMS detail from this one application. This is an amazing technology for backup features android application.
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Most of the peoples don’t know about the new technology. If you want to know about latest technology then stay connected with us time to time.


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