How Invention of Waterbed helps to relax body

How Invention of Waterbed helps to relax body

Invention of Waterbed

As people use different furniture’s in the homes, and furniture type may be of wood or iron. But today we will talk about an amazing invention of 60’s, which was invented to relax people. And that invention was Invention of waterbed.

Waterbed was invented by Charlie Hall in 1968. He invented the bed because of his university project. His idea was create furniture that could form contours of a person’s body without pressure points.

How waterbed is beneficial.

According to research, waterbed helps to reduce aches and joints pain. It conforms shape of sleeper’s body. The key point of this displacement, as you move water fills the gaps. This can help people with back issues manage their pain. It can also reduces the risk of bedsores for people who confined to their beds.

Doctor Spight recommended his patient a water bed for his back pain. For the bed, foam mattress is better because it transfer motion less.

Water bed price is high than a normal bed and it range starts from $50 to $2000.


As technology has advantages and easiness but it has disadvantages also. Likewise there are some negative points found in water-bed invention. Water-bed are hard to move because of more weighted. Between January 1990 and December 1997, CPSC had reports of 79 water bed related deaths for children younger than 2 years. There were 2 modes of death associated with water-beds. In 68 deaths (86%), the cause of death was listed as airway obstruction (when somethings keep the air from moving in and out of the lungs).

Without a waterbed heater, it drains heat of body and you feel cold like an ice cubes on your body. These beds can leak which is uncommon but if it occurs it can take time to fix. Waterbeds can leads to higher electricity bills. wa





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